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 climbing the mountain

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PostSubject: climbing the mountain   Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:53 am

I am walking on a road going up the mountain. As i walk i take deep breaths feeling the chilly clear air and tasting the flavors of the plants and trees. it is a bit cold but i think that i will get warmer by continuing to climb. time passes quickly and i am starting to see the view. It is covered by green and small houses. at the horizon i can see the sea. i feel the joy thinking that this is a good place to visualize. I continue to walk, my feet are warm i am thinking that the top of the mountain must be close. I look at the trees around me that form the road, it is like a path the path that i took years ago in my life. I am i the top. Olive trees and tall grass, flowers and spiders. The sea is meeting the sky far away. i feel my heart beating fast, i quickly look for a place to sit. This is the perfect spot. I lie down and close my eyes. Time for a nap
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climbing the mountain
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